Our people

Human resources are a key factor in the achievement of Group strategic goals. We believe in the value of our employees and we build our competitive advantage on their expertise and commitment.

Our HR policies are focused on:

  • our people and their commitment, offering an environment of opportunities, communication and professionalism for everyone;
  • our people and their potential, leveraging on accessible development, leadership and international mobility programs;
  • our people and their diversity, providing an open, diverse and trustfully environment, respecting values and protection of rights.


Diversity and inclusion

The Group seeks to improve its employees and regards diversity as an opportunity for enrichment.

Diversity and inclusion

Generali guarantees a working environment free of all types of discrimination and harassment, promoting the diversity and inclusion of its employees in the belief that cooperation between people from different cultural backgrounds, with different skills, opinions and experience, is an essential prerequisite for attracting talent and guaranteeing business growth and innovation. Part-time employees in the Group

Employees in positions of responsibility are asked to play an active role in creating and promoting a welcoming and supportive working environment where the values of integrity, respect, cooperation, diversity and inclusion are genuinely pursued.

All decisions regarding the workforce, including selection, recruitment, training, assessment and professional growth, are based on merit and performance and cannot be influenced by factors such as race, ethnicity, religion/creed, sexual orientation, marital status or political beliefs.

Governance and Strategy

We aim to develop a sense of belonging to the Group by ensuring managerial continuity through the enhancement of individual professionalism, leadership competencies and technical knowledge. We leverage on our values and on the internationalization of the Group to implement coherent human capital processes and tools in order to identify, develop and retain our people.

Based on these assumptions, HR processes are defined to support the Group Strategy in coherence with our mission, vision and values.


The Group is committed to hiring highly qualified staff following a selection process based on the principles of fairness and impartiality.

We promote Generali as an attractive global employer to recruit the best profiles in line with the needs of a world leading Group.


We aim to attract people with an open minded and flexible approach, able to operate in an international context, effectively dealing with complexity and cultural diversity; people passionate towards their jobs, able to release their potential and to actively contribute to the Group’s growth through personal growth.

We want to bring people together, to acknowledge and share the value of their diversity. We have an inclusive approach which promotes the belief that cooperation and exchange between different cultures, skills and experiences is fundamental.



The Generali Group regards learning and knowledge sharing as crucial elements for meeting its improvement goals, maximising business value and implementing its strategy based on its core insurance business, on a customer-led business approach and on the strengthening of its capital solidity and profitability. Per capita average hours of training

Human capital enhancement is supported by the Generali Group Academy - the Group Corporate University for the development of key competencies.

We provide appropriate learning and development programs, aimed to sustain a global alignment on strategic priorities and corporate vision, mission and values, and to enhance both the leadership and functional/technical competencies requested by our business.

In particular, we build and nurture a sustainable learning environment able to support the creation of a diverse, inclusive, and fully engaged cosmopolitan workforce.

Leadership Development and Performance and Talent Management

We support strategic and cultural change in line with the Group strategy and objectives. We ensure transparent promotion and career development processes, through the implementation of coherent performance management and talent review systems in order to:

  • promote the development of each individual in relation to their role, responsibilities and potential and balancing all these aspects with the business priorities;
  • ensure managerial continuity, promoting the internationalization of the Group and giving all employees the opportunity to feel a sense of belonging to the organization.

On the basis of these objectives the Global Leadership Group (GLG) was established in 2013. This Group, composed of around 200 strategic roles exerting a significant impact on Group business results, was identified as the main target for the implementation of the following global processes and tools:

  • a new reward system (both short- and long-term components);
  • a new performance and talent management process, including succession planning for the GLG and their successors;
  • a new leadership model.

The Performance and Talent management process requires managers to evaluate their people’s performance and potential. The outputs of this review determine their position in the Performance/Potential Matrix and help define the succession planning and subsequent leadership development for each individual.

The Generali Leader of the Future leadership model describes the necessary and distinctive competencies required from Generali senior leaders to achieve the strategic objectives and has been used in the first global performance and talent review process.


We aim to attract, motivate and retain our people who - for their technical and managerial competencies and their different profiles in terms of origin, gender and experiences - create a real advantage for the Group.

We believe that an effective compensation policy can positively reinforce employee engagement and alignment with organizational goals consistently with our Group mission, culture and values.

The pillars of our compensation approach are:

  • equity and consistency;
  • alignment with corporate strategy;
  • competiveness;
  • value merit and performance;
  • governance and compliance.

Group Governance on compensation is primarily focused on Group executives (Group CEO, Group Management Committee and Global Leadership Group) providing for competitive total compensation offer and incentives aligned with market practice and regulatory requirements.

The pillars of our remuneration policy are consistently cascaded throughout the organization taking into account business and local specificities and regulations within Group approach and standards.
Further details on our compensation policy and programs can be found in the Compensation Policy section of this report and in the Remuneration Report.

International Mobility

As a global and international employer, we have launched in 2013 an International Mobility program, as a lever for Group internationalization and to support the new business strategy.

Key elements of the program are:

  • centralized and disciplined process;
  • central budget for relocation costs, with an overall investment of € 12,5 million in 4 years;
  • a new International Mobility Policy;
  • quotas of expatriates hosted, assigned to countries/region;
  • a dedicated IT mobility tool (Gulliver).

As of 31 December, 274 are the colleagues in international mobility. 80 new the international assignments started in the course of 2013 with an increase of 70% compared to the previous year.

Also relevant is the increase of female assignees from 23% to 35% which reflects the attention for the gender balance and the effort on diversity.

Gender balance of International Mobility

Gender balance of International Mobility


Main drivers for international assignments are organizational needs and individual development reasons. Every Group employee who meets English language skills and job requirements can be part of the program.



Organization and Change Management

We aim to create a high performing organization that optimizes business and operating synergies and sets up a consistent governance among three key dimensions:

  • geographies, i.e. Head Office, regions and countries;
  • functional excellence;
  • business excellence, through products, distribution and customer segments.

We support the Group strategy through:

  • design and define world-class organizational guidelines and principles to develop and maintain highest standard in organizational efficiency and effectiveness;
  • promote a global Group consistent organization, leveraging Group scale, capturing synergies and leveraging on professional competencies;
  • foster organization transparency, clarity and consistency among entire Group;
  • monitor, control and drive major organizational dynamics, developing a Group-wise workforce strategic planning;
  • promote employee commitment, engagement and Group level sense of belonging.
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