Our clients

In 2013 we launched Become a true Client Centric Company project as an evolution of the former Customer as an asset with the main aim of enhancing the profound transformational change already in place in our way of doing business, being truly customer-oriented. Following our approach, the new trends in customer behavior mainly driven by technology and the difficult economic environment are being addressed maximizing the customer satisfaction and the loyalty of our current customer base.

Client centricity

As a matter of fact, the focus on our on-going activities is to design product, services and processes in line with customer needs and behavior, increase customer satisfaction for higher loyalty and trigger word of mouth, increase analytics and data management, improve the customer retention and cross-sell and up-sell on current portfolios.

In line with this, we identified 7 levers divided into core and support streams:

  • customer value;
  • retention;
  • cross-up selling;
  • customer satisfaction;
  • new customer acquisition;
    product and service development;
  • customer experience.

We then established an efficient network of experts and stream coordinators in order to disseminate best practices and foster cross-border synergies. The implementation of IT solutions to support the full deployment of all necessary functionalities in terms of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for customer database, CRM platforms and customer platforms is one of the key enabler for the fulfilment of the entire project.

Technical Excellence projects in retention and cross-up selling were clearly identified and ad-hoc task forces were appointed where the need for improvement in P&C retention or life maturity management is particularly high.

In parallel, a blueprint on the main levers was released to all countries defining the customer value methodology, the application of customer value to the insurance business, the levers for retention, proactive contact strategy, loyalty programs, cross and up selling etc..

Customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS) form part of the streams of the project. We consider the net promoter score metrics, which is currently used in many countries, a tool to improve the customer experience; recommending one company means going beyond rational factors, involving emotions. Customers recommend if they have a good perception of how much the company cares about them; we will focus on the brand relation, the satisfaction with the offered product, the ease of doing business and the touch point experience. Understanding what is special for the customers and what really matters to them provide us with significant insight and opportunity to differentiate.

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